Bulgarian Tuning House Vilner Design New Bentley Continental GT Project

Yet another tuning house has stunned us with its awesome design for a brand new aero-kit for the pre-facelift Bentley Continental GT. It certainly does seem like most of the aftermarket kits that are just starting to hit the market are for the older, discontinued model, doesn’t it? Certainly seems a little bit weird to us but we guess it’s all down to supply and demand. With the new face-lifted Continental GT on the market, owners of the older model might want to “update” the look of their cars with a bodykit.\

Vilner Design Continental GT - Front

Vilner Design Continental GT – Front

This time, we have Vilner Design, otherwise known as Vilner Studios, which hail from the land of Bulgaria with their take on how the Bentley Continental GT should look like. Among all the kits we’ve seen, this certainly looks to be one of the more comprehensive ones, even including parts such as a new hood, and widen front and rear arches.

The entire kit includes:

  • Front Bumper
  • Side Skirts
  • Rear Bumper
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Front Hood
  • Rear Wing
  • Widen Front Arch
  • Widen Rear Arch
  • 22″ Wheels
  • Power Upgrades


Judging from the pictures, the front bumper does look a little like the one from the Bentley Continental Supersports, albeit with more curves and intake vents. The entire bodykit seems to make the car a lot wider and more masculine, just how we’d like our GTs. Adding to that, the matt steel-grey color employed on the demo car certainly does seem to add a more¬†menacing¬†look to it.

Vilner Design Continental GT - Rear

Vilner Design Continental GT – Rear


The interior of Vilner’s Continental GT has also been given the complete work-over with a full black alcantara interior with specially designed stitching to match the rest of the car. All interior panels have been re-wrapped to make them more plush and stand out more as well as dark red accents are seen throughout the interior which gives it a nice touch as well.

Vilner Design Continental GT - Interior

Vilner Design Continental GT – Interior


Although no news has been released yet on what power modifications are available in the package by Vilner, they did say that the power output will be bumped up a notch or two.

We’re certainly looking forward to more pictures which the project has been completed. Check out a glimpse of the crew at Vilner working on the Continental GT while dancing to the “infamous” Harlem Shake!

What do you think of Vilner’s take on the Bentley Continental GT? Let us know in the comments below!

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