Bentley Motors’ Massive Sales Growth Continues in 2013

Just last week, we announced that Bentley Motors have had one of the best year as a company in 2012 by increasing their operating profits by more than 12 times. Apparently that trend has continued well into 2013 as things are still looking on the up and up after reporting their first quarter results for 2013.

Bentley Showroom

On top of the fantastic year that they had previously, Bentley sales of cars in the first quarter of 2013 has grown by a massive 25 percent compared year on year to the same quarter in 2012. That means a whooping increase of 453 cars from the previous year’s number of a “measly” 1,759 cars. Although compared to other marques that number might seem insignificant, however, Bentley are makers of individualized and exquisite cars and these numbers are highly impressive, if we might say so ourselves.

The Bentley Motor Company has been continuing on its rampage of expanding its dealer network to establish showrooms in more countries to widen their presence and network of customers all around the world. It is also looking to appoint more dealers to provide better services to its high net worth clientele.

2013’s figures were mainly bolstered by Bentley’s core markets, including the USA, China, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

With the launch many new models replacing the aged cars such as the new Bentley Continental GT Speed, the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur, and the new Bentley Mulsanne, growth is expected to continue well into 2013 and onward to 2014.

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