Vorsteiner’s Bentley Continental GT BR-10

If you’ve recently come into possession of a brand new Bentley Continental GT and are looking for something to set your car apart from the other “run-of-the-mill” Continental GTs on the road, look no further than Vorsteiner’s latest creation, the Bentley Continental GT BR-10.

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT BR-10

In our humble opinion, the Vorsteiner kit is the best looking aftermarket bodykit out there for the new face-lifted GT. Sporting 4┬áseparate┬ápieces of kit, you have the additional option of adding Vorsteiner-branded floor mats and also their 22″ VS-130 wheels to finish off the complete look.

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental GT BR-10

The Vorsteiner BR-10 kit consists of the following parts:

  • Front Lip
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Side Skirts
  • Rear Boot Lip Spoiler
  • Floor Mats
  • 22″ VS-130 Forged Aluminium Monoblock Wheels

Although no prices have been released on Vorsteiner’s website, we don’t expect the kit to come cheap. If you check all of the options above, be prepared to pay upwards of USD30,000 for the complete set, before installation and paint that is.

If you’re like us and don’t have a new Continental GT to put this kit on, simply enjoy the pictures in our gallery below.

Do let us know in the comments what you think of this kit from Vorsteiner! Is it the best one out there available for the face-lifted CGT?

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