Bentley Motors Report 12 Times Growth in Operating Profits

Bentley Motors

Congratulations are in order for Bentley! The British car manufacturer has finally released its earning report for the financial year ending 2012. In totality, net operating profits rose by more than 12 times from 8 million euros to 100.5 million euros as compared to the previous year. Its revenue also increased by 29.2% up from 2011’s figures.

If you’ve been following the news about the Bentley Motor Company, you’d probably know that Bentley started coming out of a slump after the released of the Bentley Continental GT in 2004. Since then, the company has been gaining momentum as they increased the line-up of their range of vehicles and also started establishing more dealerships overseas. In fact, the biggest growth that attributed to its amazing numbers in 2012 were from the export markets. Almost 90%, or 1.269 billion euros were made by Bentley selling their cars overseas. That’s $1,269,000,000! However, considering the prices of their cars, we expect that to equate to sometime along the lines of slightly over 10,000 cars sold in 2012.

Bentley’s largest market were undoubtedly the USA, followed by the UK, and with China coming in 3rd place.

With regards to the the Bentley range of cars, the Continental family sold the most at 62%, the Flying Spur at 25%, and lastly the Mulsanne at 13%.

Bentley Motors CEO and Chairman, Wolfgang Schreiber, said that this would not have been possible without the establishment of the international Bentley dealer network which saw the number of international dealerships grow from 157 dealerships to 173 dealerships in 2012. Their dealer network spans over 50 countries.

Mr Schreiber expects sales to continue to grow as 2013 will see the introduction of even more new models as well as some of the older Bentley cars have an update such as the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur and the Continental Speed GT and Speed GTC.

For those keen investors out there, make sure you keep a lookout as Bentley Motors is quickly gaining rank as the largest luxury marque out there.

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