Bentley Announces Next Continental Supersports to Get 650 HP

With the recent launch of the all new Bentley Continental Flying Spur at the Geneva and New York International Auto Shows, Bentley themslves have almost completed their new range of face-lifted Continental model. For those of you fanatical enough about Bentley though, will notice that they are actually still 1 model short from completing the range, lacking the Bentley Continental Supersports.

Bentley Continental Supersports - Front View

The Continental Supersports, or SS for short, was the wildest Bentley road car ever made and was launched to mark the end of the previous line up of Continental cars from the Bentley marque. Packing 631 HP from its 6.0 L W12 engine, it was to be the fastest car that Bentley has mass produced for the streets and the 0-60 MPH time of 3.8 S coupled together with a top speed of well over 200 MPH meant that no one could ever complain that a Bentley was slower than its equivalent Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Bentley Continental Supersports - Back View

Bentley have announced recently after the New York Auto Show that the new Continental Supersports, which is to be launched some time in 2015, will be packing a whooping 650 HP. In addition to the increased in HP, Bentley engineers have also sought to reduced the weight but using carbon fiber body parts, a bare interior with lesser luxury comforts than the normal Continental GTs, light wheels, and so on.

Bentley Continental Supersports - Interior

With the increase in HP and light weight, the overall result of having a better power-to-weight ratio would mean that the new Supersports will not only be quicker than its predecessor, but also handle better. That says a lot being that the new car is still expected to weigh over 2 tons.

Although no pictures have been released yet, we’re expecting the car to looking as wild, if not wilder, than the previous Continental SS. Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking back as we’ll be sure to share any pictures with you as soon as we receive them.

As they would say in Daytona, “Gentlemen, prepare your check books”.

Take a minute to watch Top Gear’s review of the Bentley Continental Supersports, we are pretty sure you won’t regret it!

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