New Bentley Continental Flying Spur Debut at New York Auto Show 2013

The all new 2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur has debuted for the first time in the US at the recently held New York Auto Show 2013. After multiple press releases and the first actual showing of the new Flying Spur at the Geneva Motor Show, Bentley brought the new car to the USA in its signature purple color, which was quite a shock to a large number of journalist as rarely do manufacturers ever launch their cars in non-traditional colors.

New Bentley Continental Flying Spur - New York Auto Show 2013

Although under different lighting the car might seem to be a darker hue of blue, it is still unmistakably purple but in a good way at least.

The new car is launched with Bentley’s traditional W12 6.0 liter engine mated to the 8-speed automatic gearbox brought over from the older car, albeit with software upgrades pushing the power to a whooping 616 HP and up to 800 NM of torque. 0-62 MPH comes in a quick 4.3 seconds and the top speed touches the magical 200 MPH number.

Prices start at US$200,000 in the US before the optional extras.

What do you think of the purple used to launch the new Flying Spur? Let us know in the comments below!

For more information on the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur, feel free to visit Bentley’s official website on the new car here.

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