Bentley Driving Experience – Shanghai, China

With China emerging as the next superpower, it is no surprise that most global companies are targeting Chinese clients as their next target, with Bentley Motors being no exception.

Bentley Driving Experience - Shanghai, China

Although most western counties aren’t strangers to track days and driving events organized by automobile manufacturers, this is a relatively new concept in China where the affluent Chinese are starting to purchase more high-end cars. With that, they expect a certain level of commitment and service from the brands that would set them apart from the run-of-the-mill manufacturers.

Bentley Motors recently organized a owners-only event for the launch of the new Bentley Continental GT Speed. The event gave current and new potential owners a chance to try out the new GT Speed in a controlled and safe environment. A number of cars were brought to the event to make sure that those in attendance were given enough seat time to try out the new car. The new Continental GT Speed is Bentley’s fastest mass production car to date with a top speed of over 200 mph.

Although no numbers were released by Bentley as of yet, we’re pretty sure that they’ve taken quite a number of confirmed orders after this event. With the USA being Bentley’s largest market currently followed by Europe, we have no doubt that in the near future, China will be up there with the rest of them.

What do you think about events organized by your local Bentley dealers? Let us know in the comments below!

Bentley Driving Experience - Shanghai, China Bentley Driving Experience - Shanghai, China

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