Bentley’s New Range of Fragrances – Bentley for Men

Bentley, like most other supercar marques, have expanded from their standard business routine of building exclusive supercars for the rich and wealthy and have gone into other lifestyle products such as clothing, accessories, and now, fragrances.

Bentley Fragrance - Bentley for Men

Bentley Motor Company recently announced on their website that their latest range of fragrances, the Bentley for Men, and Bentley for Men – Intense line of products will be available for sale exclusively at the famous Harrods store in London.

There will be 2 versions of the¬†cologne¬†available. The milder and standard one being the Bentley for Men, and for those looking for an additional “kick”, the more “intense”, Bentley for Men – Intense.

Although prices have not been released yet, like all things Bentley, we’re not expecting them to come cheap. If you’re staying in London and live relatively close by to Harrods, do drop by and let us know what you think of the new smell. Otherwise, we’re pretty sure they’ll be coming on sale on the internet something in the near future.

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