Bentley Continental Flying Star by Touring Superleggera

Most of you would be familiar with Bentley’s most popular range of cars, the Bentley Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur. However, did you know that there is also a Bentley Continental Flying Star? Albeit not made by Bentley specifically, the Continental Flying Star is made by a European coach-maker, Touring Superleggera. The Flying Star is based off the Bentley Continental GTC due to its strengthen and more rigid chassis which is required by the Flying Star due to the increase in weight and additional load on the chassis.

Touring Superleggera claims that the Flying Star is different from any other Bentley from the A-pillar backwards, that is, they have reworked almost 75% of the car to be something entirely different. The Flying Star retains the 2-doors outlook that all Continental GTs and GTCs come with as well as the 2 individual rear seats at the back. What sets it apart from Bentley’s 2 and 4-door variants is that the Flying Star is actually a shooting brake concept. Somewhat a cross between a sedan, an SUV, and an estate car. This “shooting brake” concept allows the car to be as sleek as a coupe, but be asĀ versatileĀ and as practical as an SUV or estate car.

The maker states that only 19 of such example will be made since its launch at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show. Till date, there are still slots available which leads us to believe that there were less than 19 orders for the car overall. However, Touring Superleggera has recently appointed its first overseas distributor, EuroSports Auto Pte Ltd, to distribute the car in the South-East Asian region. As its production is overseen by Bentley themselves, the car retains all warranty and service provided by Bentley dealers all over the world.

The car is offer in the W12 variant only, with an option between the standard W12 engine and the modified (i.e. more powerful) engine that comes in the GT/GTC Speed Bentleys.

Pricing according to Touring Superleggera is highly dependent on the options selected and will only be revealed to prospective buyers.

Here’s a Bentley that’s both beautiful and practical. We wonder why they haven’t all been sold.

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Bentley Continental Flying Star – Exterior

Bentley Continental Flying Star – Interior

For more information on the Bentley Continental Flying Star, refer to the manufacturer’s website here:

Bentley Continental Flying Star

Here’s a video on YouTube of the Flying Star:

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