Armoured Bentley Mulsanne by Carat Security Group

Are you a head-of-state, a dictator, or maybe even a billionaire? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above options, then the next Bentley we are about to review might just be up your alley. Presenting to you, the armoured Bentley Mulsanne from the Carat Security Group, one of the largest and most famous security company in the world.

The Bentley Mulsanne "Paragon" - Extending by a staggering 115cm

The Bentley Mulsanne “Paragon” – Extending by a staggering 115cm

Carat Security Group recently added the new Bentley Mulsanne to their fleet of armoured vehicles for the discerning owner. Taking a stock Mulsanne from the factory, they are able to add various security features such as a 39mm thick ballistic glass windows which will protect you against most bullets, B6 ballistic protection all around the car, a fire suppression system, reinforced flooring, and even altering the length and height of the car. Of course, a reinforced fuel tank should be expected as well.

The standard armour car comes with an option of an extension of 30cm in length or 10cm in height to provide for more headroom. The “Paragon” edition however, extends the car up to a whooping 115cm! The Mulsanne will be lengthened at the middle to provide extra leg room in the cabin and will be most likely outfitted with a full suite of entertainment systems so that you can watch a movie while running away from your enemies.

If your life is in danger and you’re looking to purchase this armoured Bentley, head over to Carat Security Group’s website over here and place an order soon. We’re expecting the car to cost almost twice the price of a standard Mulsanne but hey, you’re getting almost twice the car as well!

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