The New Bentley Flying Spur is Coming

Yup, you heard us right. Straight from the lion’s mouth (Bentley, that is). Confirmation has come from Bentley themselves that the all new Bentley Continental Flying Spur will be launching very soon.

Defraying from their usual launches, Bentley did this one via a YouTube video posted to their channel. Although the video doesn’t show the whole car in its entirety, there isn’t much to second guess as most would know by now that it would look exactly like the new Continental GT, albeit slightly longer and in a 4-door variant.

Launching first will be the 6.0L, W16 model of the Flying Spur followed by its little brother, the 4.0L V8. We think the one to look out for is the V8 and Bentley seems to agree with us as it expects the majority of its sales to come from the smaller-displacement of the two models.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, take some time to watch this video. Again, although it doesn’t show a lot of the new car, it’s certainly got our hopes up with regards to seeing the car in the flesh soon.

If you need more specifications, read back to an article we posted just last month about the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur spy shots!

Also, here is a couple of renditions of the 2013 Continental Flying Spur from our friends over at Force GT.

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