Man Steals Same Bentley Twice in Four Days

A Southern California man, Robert Ponti who is age 46, has been arrested by local police on charges of grand-theft auto amongst other things. He has been identified as the suspect in a crime in which a Bentley Continental GT was stolen from a local couple while they were out of town.

Police found the stolen car as they were surveying Bentley cars around the area after receiving notice about a stolen vehicle. Police saw this Bentley outside Ponti’s residence and proceeded to run a check on the registration numbers and realised that this was indeed the stolen vehicle. Police then took the stolen Bentley coupe to a local impound yard pending investigation.

Imagine the huge surprise when only a couple of days later, the same deputies who were driving past Ponti’s residence once again saw the 2005 Bentley coupe parked outside his home. It was later understood that Ponti illegally obtained the Bentley from the impound yard after he was released on bail the first time.

He was re-arrested again and put in jail without bail. Ponti’s trial will start on 30 Jan 2013. Keep checking back to see what the verdict is going to be on this case.

We here at Bentley World believes that Robert Ponti should be voted “Bentley’s Fan of the Year 2013”!

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